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about badluck XIII clan

"Bad Luck [XIII] Clan" was created in march 2007 for America's Army online. "Bad luck" ... Sometimes we give some, sometimes we get it. 

We don't hack, don't cheat, don't use exploits of any kind. Feel welcome to play with us, join our forum and with time become our associate, if not a friend. 

[XIII] clan is a mix of people from around the globe - leave your prejudice behind if you care to visit. Remember that in online gaming we are all truly equal and our real-life status has nothing to do with being active online. 
Enjoy your stay. 

[XIII]Auril   registered to badluck13clan
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[XIII]para   donated $10.00 to badluck13clan.
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Happy Birthday Tiger... :-)
Happy Birthday Tiger!
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